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HIT Horse

Proactive detection system of equine colic and horse care support

Early detection of equine colic

HIT is a patented system that uses the most innovative technology to prematurely diagnose equine colic.

The system monitors the behavior of the horse 24h a day, 365 days a year, notifying the owner through a phone call before a serious indicence.

The client or the veterinarian can check through the mobile APP in real time the state of the horse, determining with precision, the measures to be taken.

HIT doesn’t sleep

Permanent protection for maximum tranquility. HIT monitors the behavior of your horse 24×7.

Mobile APP

Visualize in real time the status of your horse from the HIT APP. Available for iOS and Android systems.

Horse behavior analysis

The HIT system permanently analyzes the state of the horse inside the box, warning of possible behaviors indicative of health problems.

The system alerts the owner through the APP , our Telegram bot or in case of serious incident through a phone call .

Status control and box entries

Other information offering system HIT is the control of entries in the BOX HIT.

We can easily find out:

  • When has of the box horse come out
  • How long he has been out
  • When was the last time that has entered the stable boy
  • Control of unauthorized entries to the box


HIT Protect

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Colic control

Horse behavior analysis

Box entries monitoring