HIT Protect

HIT is designed for everybody’s reach, from a big exploitation to a single horse property, made to enjoy the peacefulness of having your horse monitored 24/7 at a reasonable price.
To be able to enjoy the HIT Protect colic control and care software for your horse you need:

  • A stable Internet connection and a good bandwidth. Optical fiber or ADSL if possible, although for small installations the system can be operated with 4G routers.
  • An IP camera connected or a DVR connected camera with Internet access. Our technicians will validate if the installed cameras are compatible with the HIT system.
  • If there is no camera already installed you can purchase a preconfigured high-quality KIT for only 499€ per box + shipping cost (depending on the destination country). Besides, you will recibe an easy instructions manual to get a proper orientation for the installation process made to get the best system performance.

From here on, our technicians will take care of the rest. After 3 days testing the system. HIT Protect is ready to work at a 100%, including the APP (available for Android an iOS). The HIT Basic includes:

  • Colic control
  • Horse behavior analysis
  • Box horse entries monitoring
  • Stableman entries monitoring

HIT Protect

29,90 €

per month

Colic control

Horse behavior analysis

Box entries monitoring

Complete your HIT Protect with these products

We have different complements to have total control of your horse.


Our pre-configured kit so you don’t have to worry about anything

With the Kit HIT you will have the necessary devices to control the horse and the box
Our Kit brings:

  • High resolution IP surveillance camera
  • Corporate image plate HIT
  • Switch POE online

Price of KIT HIT: 399€

Water Control

Controls in real time the water consumption generated in the box

Alert in case of broken drinker or loss of water. The client can know the total amount of water consumed during the whole day and the consumption history.
HIT System alert in this situations:

  • Excessive water consumption in a certain period of time. This condition may be due to a leak or a malfunction of the drinking fountain.
  • Alert for no consumption. When a horse is in the box for a certain period of time and does not drink water, the system warns that the horse may have a problem or there may be a breakdown.

Water Control Equipment Price: 400€ per box (single payment)

Then 6 € / month

Temperature Control

Temperature control that it does in your horse’s box

With this information you can determine with certainty and reliability if it is necessary to put blankets on the horses, turn on or off the air conditioning systems if they are available or control if certain boxes due to their orientation or other conditions are much colder or hotter than others.
Additionally, the HIT system alerts through the Telegram BOT or phone call in different situations:

  • Real time temperature of box
  • Box temperature history

Temperature Control Equipment Price: 350€ per ship (single payment)

Then 4 € / month